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Why Choose CosmoGuru institute?

Certified Course

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Genuine and Authentic Certificate

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Secretive & Unique Vedic Method

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Recognized Certification: Earn an esteemed Astrology Certificate Online or pursue an Online Vedic Astrology Certification with us.

Flexible Learning: Our courses offer the convenience to Learn Astrology Online in Hindi or Gujarati, catering to a diverse student base.

Expert Guidance: Benefit from personalized attention and expertise through our Professional Astrology Certification programs.

Path to Professionalism: Become a Certified Astrologer and join the ranks of professionals with the Best Astrology Certification available.

CVPT: Cosmological Vibration Predictive Technology is an innovative technique developed by CosmoGuru after 22 years of extensive research & Combining Shastra & Science that brings unmatchable Precision & Accuracy to your Predictions

Join CosmoGuru today and embark on a journey to master the celestial language of astrology. Whether you're seeking personal enrichment or professional advancement, our courses are designed to unlock the mysteries of the cosmos and guide you towards becoming a certified astrologer. Enroll now and step into the luminous world of astrology with confidence and expertise.


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Happy Students
Yrs of Experienced GURUs
Most Qualified Faculties
Free Live Consultation
Live Camps
Case Studies
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Education Facilities

  • Sunday Live Lectures
  • Study Material
  • Video Tutorials
  • Live Online Lectures
  • Study Material
  • Video Tutorials


  • Ahmedabad
  • At Your Place


  • Jyotish Gyata
  • CVPT
  • Jyotish Gyata
  • CVPT


  • Rs.9000
  • Rs.4500

Best Astrology Certificate Courses in India

Dive into the celestial world with CosmoGuru's extensive array of Online Astrology Courses, tailored for enthusiasts and aspiring professionals alike. Our curriculum, meticulously crafted in Gujarat, brings the ancient wisdom of Vedic astrology right to your fingertips. With CosmoGuru, transform your understanding of the stars into a certified expertise recognized across India. To enroll in CVPT Course Click Here

CosmoGuru's Astrology Online Learning Pathway

Comprehensive Online Astrology Course with Certificate

CosmoGuru offers a wide range of Astrology Certificate Courses, including specialized programs in Vedic Astrology. Each course is structured to ensure clarity and ease of understanding, making it straightforward for students to grasp complex astrological concepts. Upon successful completion, learners are awarded an Astrology Certification, marking their proficiency in this ancient science.

Personalized Astrology Education for Conceptual Mastery

Best Astrology Courses Online

CosmoGuru is dedicated to delivering the Best Astrology Courses in India Online, facilitated through a personalized learning app. This allows students to engage with the material anytime, anywhere, complemented by Live Workshops and continuous access to video lessons. Our unique dual guru approach ensures comprehensive learning alongside individual guidance from seasoned astrologers.

Proven Vedic Methodologies with Modern Teaching Techniques

Our curriculum is grounded in Proven Vedic Methodologies, enriched with Gujarati content for those who prefer learning in their native language. This, coupled with our commitment to practical learning and scientific knowledge, sets our Professional Astrology Course apart. Our aim is to not just teach astrology, but to imbue students with the ability to apply these ancient principles in contemporary settings.

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Our Teaching Features

  • Personalized Learning App to learn anytime anywhere
  • Conceptual Clarity through visualization
  • Personalized Learning Journeys
  • Proven Vedic Methods
  • Gujarati Content for easy Understanding
  • Researched and Developed Study Material
  • Practical Learning
  • Scientific Understanding
  • Live Workshop
  • Free Access of 24*7 Video Lessons on App
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Our Students Feedback

Video Testimonials


Caroline Sudan

Cluster Programming Head at Radio Mirchi 98.3 Gujarat region

There are a lot of myths and wrong practices in the field of astrology these days, but CGI has only ever promoted astrology backed by reason and logic and dispel allignorance around it

Shastri Narayancharandas Swami

Founder - Vrajbhoomi International School

I joined it because I found it better than others. I was right as it was an excellent experience by joining here because they give us technical, practical, and scientific Education

Asha Sharma

BE Electronics - Professional Engineer in ISRO

Our Gurus are strict but caring and their teaching is amazing. If anyone wants to study astrology then I wound suggest that don't be cheated by others and please get acknowledged by CosmoGuru Institute.

Dr. Gokulnath Sadhvani

Anesthetist Consultant - M.B.B.S and M.D

I experienced that this institute’s teaching is very disciplined and simplified with excellent examples. Our all Gurus are very dignified, knowledgeable, friendly, and are ready 24x7 for us.

Anvesha Bhatt

Assistant Commissioner of State Tax - Class-1 B. Com, CA, CS

CosmoGuru Institute works for providing actual knowledge of astrology and they also give us the knowledge for recognizing false things happening in the astrology field.


Other Add on Access

Sky Watching

Certification Ceremony

Free Live Consulting Camp

Practical Learning


Frequently Asked Question

Which courses offered by CosmoGuru Institute (CGI)?
CosmoGuru Institute offered Jyotish (Astrology) &Vastucourses. CGI offers Certificate, Diploma, BA, MA, PHD level courses.
What is the mode of Education?
CGI offers Regular Learning Course (Campus Study), Distance Learning Course (Online Study), Hybrid Learning Course (Offline & Offline Study). Currently we teaching language is Gujarati, very shortly we start Hindi and English.
What is the Duration of Courses?
We have different courses of different level. Different durations for courses are 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, 2 years, 3 years. Offline courses are only Sunday, Kindly call on 9727244666 for details.
Course content is in which language?
As ofnow Entire course will be in GUJARATI or HINDI language according to your choice. We will start in ENGLISH language soon
What is CVPT?
    Most accurate prediction technique developed by our founder Maulik Bhatt
  • Tested on 4000+ individuals
  • 90% Accurate Predictions
  • To the point, without any Confusion
  • Easy to understand & Learn
When admission will be starts?
Distance Learning Course – Admission available anytime, Regular Learning Course – Admission available in June & December.
Is demo lecture available?
Yes, we arrange FREE Introductory Session for both Regular & Distance Learning. After that you can enroll with token amount for some lecture and after that you can pays fess.
What is the course content?
We starts with basics and have advance Research level content, Kindly call on 9727244666 for details.
What are the fees of Courses?
For Regular Course(ClassRoom Study) Rs.9000/- And For Distance Course(At your place)Rs.4500/-
What is MasterClass?
  • Learn from Best and Finest astrologer - Maulik Bhatt
  • Know about CVPT, most accurate predictive technique
  • Get Courses details & its content
  • 1.5hrs long Demo Class, absolutely free of cost.