Cosmo Kutumb


Join Cosmo Group and be a part of Cosmo KUTUMB

Consultant – Team Building Program

You can be a part of our Cosmo Team

    1. Be a consultant of our Expert Pannel

    2. Be a tutor of Cosmo Guru Institute

Who can be a Consultant of Cosmo Group

Traditional Knowledge Consultant like Jyotish, Vastu, Yoga, Ayurved, any other subject or all occultscience and Alternative Therapies Consultant can join with CosmoGuru as a Consultant

Channel Partner – Reseller Program

You can be a consultant and start your respectable self-employment

    1. Start with Your Own Name

    2. Get Scalable Reach

    3. You can offer More Value-Added Services

    4. Set and Sell at your Own Price

    5. Start with Very Low Startup Cost

    6. High-Quality with Less Work

    7. No any Commitment Required

    8. Start Earning

Who can be a Channel Partner of Cosmo Group

Person who wants to start self-employment, Hose Wife, Senior Citizen, Life Couch, Occult science consultant, Astrologer, Vastu Consultant, Reiki Healer, Tarot Card Reader, Yoga Trainer, Ayurved

Strategic Partnership – Expansions Program

All product and service of CosmoGuru as your value-added part, become strategic partner

    1. Explore New Market

    2. Increase Sales and Revenue

    3. Reduce Risk and Cost

    4. Shape Brand Perception

    5. Create a Buzz

    6. Start Extra Earning

How can you do Strategic Partnership with Cosmo Group

With Your Website, With Your Social Media, With Your Business Place