Diving Deeper Into The Cosmos


Cosmo Research Foundation

CRF is the heart of CosmoGuru, CRF is one of the body of CosmoGuru and It is dedicated to Vedic Science Research which practically brings Shastra & Science together and develops unique and groundbreaking theories, techniques and also brings more knowledge and wisdom of Cosmos to the world. Cosmo Research Foundation is non-profitable organization and Backbone of CosmoGuru in true sense.

Our Research Scholar and Students also write series of books called CosmoSamvad for breaking myths and also acknowledging people more about Indian Knowledge System(IKS).

Blending Tradition and Innovation

Since its inception, CRF has collaborated with institutions like Gujarat University, KPGU University to offer educational courses and has also collaborated with Gujarat Biological Research Center(GBRC) for numerous research projects aimed at validating and expanding the understanding of traditional sciences. Our journey began with a vision to bridge the gap between ancient wisdom and modern science, and we continue to strive towards this goal with dedication and innovation.