Cosmological Vibration Predictive Technology

Cosmological Vibration Predictive Technology (CVPT) is an innovative technique developed by CosmoGuru after 22 years of extensive research. CVPT is designed to offer personalized insights into an individual's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats by analysing their birth date and place. While including the time of birth can increase the accuracy of the predictions, it is not strictly necessary.

Key Components of CVPT

1. Integration of Shastra and Science:

  • Shastra : CVPT analyzes a vast array of celestial combinations to provide a thorough understanding of planetary influences.
  • Science : Involves modern scientific methods and data analysis techniques.

2. Research Basis:

  • Back bone of CVPT is “MB Algorithm”, Developed from over 20,000 case studies and tested on more than 4,000 individuals, ensuring astounding accuracy rate of over 90%, the “MB Algorithm” has the potential to redefine the way predictions are made based on an individual's birth data.

3. Predictive Accuracy:

  • CVPT deliver predictions with unparalleled clarity and accuracy, presented in a numeric percentage form for better clarity.
Benefits of CVPT
  • Personalized & Accurate: CVPT deliver predictions with unparalleled clarity and accuracy, Tailored specifically to an individual's birth details
  • Plan with Clarity: Effortlessly plan your months, weeks, and even days with personalized predictions. Maximize your outcomes by strategically allocating your resources. Minimize wasted efforts
  • Actionable Guidance: Provides clear and understandable predictions to help navigate through your Strength and Weakness with Cosmo Profile and future Challenges and Opportunities with Cosmo Report.
  • User-Friendly: The technology is designed to be accessible, making it easy for users to understand and benefit from detailed astrological insights, presented in a numeric percentage form for best clarity.
Applied CVPT with magic of Artificial Intelligence

Cosmo Kundli : Cosmo Kundli world’s first predictive software is outcome of CVPT and Artificial Intelligence. Cosmo Kundli provides best and most accurate astrological charts such as Graphical colored Chancha-Chakra, Gochar, Melaapak and many more with our Cosmo Power that helps in easy predictions for Beginner and Practitioner Astrologers

The Best part

Two most revolutionary Product that combined together gives Personalized SWOT analyses

  • Cosmo Profile (SW): Focuses on identifying an individual's Strengths and Weaknesses. This aspect of CVPT provides a deep understanding of one's personal characteristics, cognitive functions, and behavioural tendencies, such as brain dominance, his/her personality etc.
  • Cosmo Report (OT): Offers insights into future Opportunities and Threats across various life aspects such as career, finance, health, social, and love. It also Includes daily, weekly, and monthly predictions to guide individuals in making informed decisions.
Choose Your Plan & Get Started

Get your personalized guidance in convenient plan options:

  • Yearly Cosmo Report: Access year-long forecasts for 12 months, 52 weeks, and 365 days.
  • Half-Yearly Cosmo Report: Gain insights for 6 months, 26 weeks, and 184 days.
  • Quarterly Cosmo Report: Plan your next 3 months with predictions for 13 weeks and 92 days.

CVPT represents a unique blend of ancient knowledge and modern technology, aiming to provide comprehensive and personalized life insights.