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Why Cosmo Report is Unique?

Our Prediction Report is an outcome of “SHASTRA” & “SCIENCE”. Cosmological Vibration Predictive Technology (CVPTR )

1st Time in the World
  • Personalized and Unique for every individual
  • 22 Years of
  • 20,000+
    Case Studies
  • 90% Accurate
  • Crystal Clear Prediction without if and but
  • Easy to understood, with proper guideline
Other Astrology reports in the market have lengthy explanations for predictions covering the entire year, using a lot of technical terms that often confuse people. but our Personalized Cosmo Report provides predictions in a simpler way, using percentages and a day-to-day format for all 365 days, 52 weeks, and 12 months. This new format is different from the common belief that predictions should come with detailed descriptions.

How Personalized Cosmo Report is Created ?

For your Personlised Cosmo Report

  • Just enter your Birth Date and Birth Place
  • Select Starting Month and Year
Cosmo Report is delivered by
  • Your Personalised Mobile Aplication
  • PDF by email
Sample Prediction Report

No Storytelling, No Narration ONLY PURE PREDICTION

What cosmo report provide

  • Personalized 5D Percentage-Based Predictions
  • Enhanced Comprehension with Numerical Data
  • Identification of Strong and Weak Days
  • Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Analysis for a Full Year
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Your Personalized Prediction for


Unlock a year of personalized insights with our most accurate life prediction Report, guiding you through key aspects (Love, Career, Health, Finance, Social) of your life journey.

3 Months

MRP 1800/-

buy at INR 600/-
6 Months

MRP 2700/-

buy at INR 1100/-
12 Months

MRP 4500/-

buy at INR 1800/-

How Cosmo report can be used ?

Here are a few use-cases where this horoscope report can prove beneficial in your everyday life, enhancing your overall well-being.


Plan your below mentioned events based on our astrology prediction reports

  • When can I plan my business meeting?
  • When can I get best career opportunities?
  • When will I be facing threats in my career?
  • when have I to be more careful in my career?


Plan your below mentioned events based on our astrology prediction reports

  • when can I invest for best return?
  • When can I get financial opportunities?
  • when can I be having financial threats?
  • when can I get more sales opportunities?


Plan your below mentioned events based on our astrology prediction reports

  • When I have good time with my loved one?
  • When I have opportunities to resolved issues with my loved one?
  • What is the time I will be having threats of miscommunication with my loved one?
  • When I get more support from my loved one?


Plan your below mentioned events based on our astrology prediction reports

  • when I have to be more careful about my health?
  • When will my health improve?
  • when will I be facing trouble related to health?
  • When I have best opportunities to plan for Health challenges?


Plan your below mentioned events based on our astrology prediction reports

  • when can I get maximum support from my friends and family?
  • When I have to be careful while dealing with my team or group?
  • when to be more careful in social relations?
  • When I get opportunities from social network?

Personalized Astrology Prediction Report

CosmoGuru introducing the "Cosmo Report," a groundbreaking fusion of ancient wisdom and modern technology for personalized astrology insights. Through our Cosmological Vibration Predictive Technology(CVPT), we provide accurate forecasts tailored to your birth details. Explore Career, Finance, Health, Social, and Love dimensions with numerical data and analyses for a year. Unlike Vedic astrology, our precision-driven approach blends Shastra and Science, ensuring clarity without storytelling. Accessible via mobile app or PDF, our transparent pricing options prioritize your needs. Empower yourself to navigate life's challenges with confidence and clarity. Each report is uniquely tailored for you, emphasizing confidentiality and customization. Experience self-discovery and empowerment as you unlock a future filled with success. Get your personalized astrology report today and harness the power of personalized horoscope predictions for daily, weekly, and monthly insights.

CosmoGuru stands as a beacon of traditional wisdom, offering profound insights into Astrology, Ayurveda, and Vastu and is dedicated to delivering the best astrology courses in India facilitated through a personalized learning app. Whether you prefer live talk with an astrologer online or on the phone, CosmoGuru offers convenient options.

Client Testimonials

The astrology report provided deep insights into my life, guiding me with remarkable accuracy.
Ravi Sharma
Exceptional precision in predictions – the astrology report exceeded my expectations!
Dhaval Shah
Empowering and enlightening, the astrology report added immense value to my decision-making.
Venkat Iyer
A personalized astrology report that truly resonated, offering valuable perspectives on life's journey.
Akash Pal
Incredibly accurate predictions – this astrology report is a game-changer!
Falguni Malhhora
The comprehensive astrology report provided clarity and direction for my future endeavors.
Jaydev Dholakia
An insightful tool for self-discovery – the astrology report was both enlightening and inspiring.
Mohit Tomar
Impressed by the level of detail and accuracy in my astrology report – highly recommended!
Yogendr Chauhan
The astrology report became my go-to guide for navigating life's twists and turns.
Ravi Kataria
A must-try for anyone seeking profound insights – this astrology report brought clarity to my path.
Rahul Modi

Still have any doubts?

Explore our FAQ section to find answers to common questions about our Astrology Prediction Report (Varshfal). We aim to provide clear insights, empowering you with knowledge for a seamless and informed experience.

What is Cosmo Report ?
The Cosmo Report is a personalized prediction and planner for your life in five dimensions (5D). People understand things differently, and words can be confusing. Numbers, however, give clear and direct results without any conditions. That's why the Cosmo Report provides a Cosmo Power percentage for each aspect of your life, like the Month, the Week, and the Day. The Cosmo Report comes with clear guidelines on how to check and use it. The predictions in the Cosmo Report are precise and don't involve any storytelling/narrations or conditions.
What is 5D Predictions?
5D means Five Dimensions of Your Life:
  • Career – Predictions about your efforts and work.
  • Finance – Predictions about the outcomes of your money matters.
  • Health – Predictions about your relationship with yourself and your well-being.
  • Social – Predictions about your public relationships and interactions.
  • Love – Predictions about your personal relationships and connections with them.
For Which Duration and in what Format do I receive the Cosmo Report?

You can receive your Personalized Cosmo Report for 1 year, 6 months, or 3 months. You get to pick when you want it to start – choose your starting month and year. Depending on your choice:

  • Career – Predictions about your efforts and work.
  • For a whole year: You'll get predictions for 12 months, 52 weeks, and 365 days – this is the Yearly Cosmo Report.
  • Health – Predictions about your relationship with yourself and your well-being.
  • For half a year: You'll receive predictions for 6 months, 26 weeks, and 184 days – known as the Half-Yearly Cosmo Report.
  • For a quarter of a year: You'll get predictions for 3 months, 13 weeks, and 92 days – called the Quarterly Cosmo Report
How does the Cosmo Report help you grow in your life?

The Cosmo Report provides detailed predictions for the 5D aspects of your life. Using your Personalized Cosmo Report, you can plan your month, week, and day more easily. The report also gives indicators for opportunities and threats each month, week, and day. By aligning your efforts and resources with these insights, you can achieve better outcomes, leading to increased growth in the 5D dimensions while minimizing wastage

How is the Cosmo Report created?

The Cosmo Report is a type of CVPTR (Cosmological Predictive Technology Report) created by CosmoKundli, an AI-powered software rooted in Vedic Science. CVPTR blends ancient teachings(SHASTRA) with modern science, drawing from Celestial Theory, Terrestrial Theory, the 7 Chakra Theory, the 5 Elements Theory, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Brain Dominance, and the Nervous System. After 22 years of research, we've crafted our special "MB - Algorithm," the core of Cosmo Kundli.

What information do I need to provide for my own Cosmo Report?

To create your Personalized Cosmo Report, we require your Date of Birth and Place of Birth. If you also have your Birth Time, that's even better. You can still get your Cosmo Report without the birth time, but there might be a slight, almost negligible difference in the CVPTR. However, having your Date of Birth and Place of Birth is essential for any CVPTR

Is the CVPT Report different from an Astrology Report?

Indeed, it's not like an Astrology Report. The CVPT Report incorporates various theories from Shastra and Science, drawing on some principles of True Vedic Jyotish, but it stands apart from traditional astrology. CVPTR provides clearer and more accurate predictions, and it's personalized for each individual.

Is my personal information going to be kept confidential?

Yes, your information will be kept completely private.

Is the Cosmo Report truly customized and one-of-a-kind for each person?

Absolutely! Your Cosmo Report is tailored just for you. CosmoKundli utilizes Artificial Intelligence, and our algorithm creates reports from countless combinations that are unlikely to be repeated for thousands of years. Our software, CosmoKundli, generates a distinctive Cosmo Report for each person based on their birth details. Different inputs result in a unique Cosmo Report due to the vast number of combinations that won't repeat for thousands of years.

How many pages does the Cosmo Report have?

The Cosmo Report is your personalized 5D predictions.

The Yearly Cosmo Report has 224 pages, covering monthly predictions for 12 months, weekly predictions for 52 weeks, and daily predictions for 365 days.

The Half-Yearly Cosmo Report is a 112-page report, including monthly predictions for 6 months, weekly predictions for 26 weeks, and daily predictions for 184 days.

The Quarterly Cosmo Report is a 56-page report, featuring monthly predictions for 3 months, weekly predictions for 13 weeks, and daily predictions for 92 days.

What is the Cosmo Report Yearly Book? How does it differ from the regular Cosmo Report?

The Cosmo Report Yearly Book is a colorful printed diary that gets delivered to your home. It's great for writing down notes, with planners for daily, weekly, and monthly activities. It is also a fantastic personalized gift. You can also get a PDF version and a personal mobile app to go along with the physical Cosmo Report Yearly Book.

When and how will I get my Personalized Cosmo Report?

You will receive your Personalized Cosmo Report within 48 hours of placing your order. You will Get the PDF format delivered to your email. You can explore the same in easier way in our Application
For Cosmo Report Yearly Book which is the Premium Personalized YEARLY BOOK:
It will be couriered to your place and may take at least one week to arrive. This version is suitable for a Personalized GIFT and includes all the features of the Cosmo Report.